Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Newstown

This October marks 6 months since the Mayor of Newtown launched in the blogger world; simultaneously creating a presence on Twitter to spread Newtown news to the world. Since then, the Mayor has also appeared on Facebook, and more recently Posterous, a holding place for posts too short for Newstown but too long for Twitter.

As this is also the 50th post on Mayor of Newtown, I thought I'd indulge myself in some 'nostalgia' and review some of the most popular posts in the last 6 months. Like the Mayor himself, readers are very interested in urban development, with 4 of the 5 most visited posts relating to Newtown's physical environment. The most popular post of all was the discussion of the long-awaited plans to renovate Newtown Station (with more than 400 views). Development plans for the Hive and discussion of the long vacant Hub site also made the Top 5; as did one of the Mayor's own Top 5 series; Newtown's Top 5 Eyesores, a look at the not so great architectural treasures of Newtown.

Eyesore or Potential Gem ?

The only post not related to urban development in the Top 5 relates to another interest of the Mayor's; the controversial ranking of Newtown's Top 5 Pubs. Top5 Cafe's and Cheap Eats are in the pipeline, so stay tuned and please drop any suggestions to the Mayor.

The Mystery Photo series has been popular in terms of visitors if not contributors - one problem being that the locations are identified too quickly by sharp eyed visitors. The most popular of all (and longest lasting) was Milestones - go and see if you can identify it if you haven't already.


On the negative side, Newtown What's On didn't really strike a chord and was abandoned after a couple of months. Maintaining it simply required too much effort and didn't get the number of hits (averaging 50-odd a week) to justify the time. That could change though, especially if there's a volunteer out there to help compile and promote the list (email the Mayor if you're interested).

Going forward, there's a backlog of reviews and Top 5s to complete; redevelopment plans to watch, new shops to visit (Magnation anyone ?) and things to write about I haven't even thought about yet.

So many thanks to all who've visited and contributed to Newstown over the last 6 months. Like all bloggers the Mayor loves visitors and loves getting comments even more - so even if it's your first visit here, please take the time to say hello, ask a question or request a feature.

2042 Art on the Street launched

Art on the Street had a soggy launch on Sunday. Read all about it here; and keep your eyes out around King Street.

Posted via email from Mayor's posterous

Restored Organ Recital in Enmore Sunday 1st 2pm

Here's an email sent to the council archives regarding an organ recital Sunday prior to it being dismantled and restored.

I wish to advise you of a Pipe Organ recital to held at St Luke's Anglican Church, 11 Stanmore Rd, Enmore on Sunday 1 November, 2009 at 2.00 pm. It is the only Pipe Organ in Australia built by organ builders, Wordsworth and Maskell of Leeds, UK but erected in its current location by local organ builders, Layton Bros of Newtown. The organ is mechanical action and is in essentially original condition.

The organ will be dismantled for restoration beginning 2 November, 2009 and there will be a short organ recital and talk by the well known Sydney organist, Mr Peter Jewkes on Sunday 1 November at 2.00 pm at the church. Admission is $10 and $5 concession, with afternoon tea provided.

The organ will be open for viewing after the recital.

I would be pleased if you could distribute this email and the attached leaflet to your members to aid us in making local residents aware of this historic instrument.

The restoration is supported by the Heritage Council of NSW and the Organ Historical Trust of Australia.

Posted via email from Mayor's posterous

Monday, October 12, 2009

Newtown's Sando in the press re Hoey Closure

People who move to the inner-city and complain about noise from pubs that have been there for 100+ years are a pet hate of mine. Great that the Sando is still going with the venue, but absurd that we were close to losing it.

Posted via email from Mayor's posterous