Sunday, January 22, 2012

Newtown Station January 2012 Update

When plans were finally committed to for the Newtown Station renovations, I couldn't believe that it wouldn't be until the end of 2012 before the works were finished. I guess now it's January 2012 it's starting to become clear that we really won't have an accessible station until the end of this year.

There has however been some obvious progress, and you can see from the photo below that the new station will absolutely dwarf the existing buildings, and indeed the surroundings.

According to the summary posted on the construction site boundary, the lifts will be installed this month and next, and the internal works for the retail are ongoing. Indeed it seems like some progress is being made on the original station buildings; hopefully we won't have to wait until the end of 2012 for them to be ready.

From upstairs at the Townie you can see that the concrete base of the concourse has been laid over the graveyard of the old kebab shop, hopefully sealing in any toxic leakage that may have built up over the countless late nights it was operating.


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  2. Newtown has changed so much since the 50s.

  3. Mr Mayor

    Why do Newtown's King St and Enmore Rd resemble that of a developing country..grafitti, stickers on every surface imaginable, footpaths dug up and not re tiled etc

    Where are the recources which should be allocated to this major Sydney icon strip?? What is it with the abysmal state of Enmore Rd with more potholes than I can count. Why is your area being so neglected Mayor? A new train station won't cut it anymore - the rst of Newtown needs immediate attention!

  4. Now that the new station has opened, come down and see if u can buy a ticket faster than you could at the old station, I dare you! Only Australia could stuff that up!!

  5. I think the new station looks great!

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